Shemale in sweater dress

Hey everyone I made some clips of me in a sweater dress and put it on youtube check them out at my new youtube

Not only am in in a dress but white socks as well :)

The quality is better on youtube by the way

Grey black Sweater dress

Black White sweater dress top

Leather jacket and dress, ok its not real leather btw :) Its a guess Jacket I never really liked it but I like it with a shemale in sweater dress :)

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Transsexual , tranny ladyboy transgender sexy in sweater dresses

Black sweater dress

Shemales in sweater dress I know I got tons of request for more sweater dress so I added a couple pics of me in a black long sleeve sweater dress with some garter and stockings peeking out from underneath.


shemales in sweater dress

Mirror pictures

Oh I really love taking pictures in the mirror its so fun so I added some in a grey dress so check them out. I think that’s toothpaste on my mirror….ya shemales brush their teeth as well its good for transgendered to have good oral hygiene.

sexy self mirror shots

added 1 picture

I added 1 picture with my cock and balls hanging out hope you like it.

Hey there new pictures up

Some new pics are up in black skinny pants and black high heels I hope you like them. No transsexual dick is showing and I do a lot of the same pose but I was trying to get it sexy lol. So just sexy pics no porn lol. You can see my breasts and ass in these. I took my fake leather sofa and stood it upright. You know I got big muscles! RAWR! It made the best backdrop. I never really liked taking boring backdrop pictures before but I tried it with my damask wallpapered closest doors. I really liked it! Who knew I could do it. I might have to try white paper backdrop. I’ve been telling myself I would never do a white paper backdrop picture shoot, but now I might have to try it lol.


shemale victoria in leather look skinny pants