Cell Phone pictures

So I added lots of cell phone pics inside the members area as I thought it’d be cool to see how I look not touched up or anything. I took these with my Motorola Razr that I have lost last week in downtown Toronto. So if anyone finds it there is a lot of shemale pictures on that cell phone lol. I didn’t know what to do now as I really liked that phone. It was so old and the battery only lasted a day maybe but it was a real tank. I dropped it off the stairs and the car and everywhere and it kept going! I’m not really sure what phone to get now so let me know and I’ll post pics when I get it lol. I need something that the battery will last forever not just one day hehe.


victoria cell phone pictures

victoria cell phone pictures

4 thoughts on “Cell Phone pictures

  1. damn vicki sorry to hear you lost your phone. i will be mad at the luck bastard who finds them. why don’t you get and iphone.it’s sexy and stylish just like you.

  2. Hey Victoria, I am in love! You are about the most gorgeous creature on this planet. Ever consider any bondage? I can imagine what your sweet lips would look like wrapped around a red ball gag. Keep up the awesome work.

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